Beat​:​Cancer V2

Am 19.04.2014 erscheint die Beat:Cancer V2 u.A. mit einem Remix von At0shima 3rr0r!

Die Band CORTEX DEFECT steuert den Track "BLISS OF SURRENDER (Remix By AT0SHIMA 3RR0R)" bei.

Die Compilation erscheint in einer Standard Edition sowie einer Premium Edition sowohl physisch als auch digital.

Mehr Infos findet ihr auf der bandcamp Seite der Compilation.

01. Ghost In The Static - Another Day (remix by Digicore)

02. XP8 - Beyond The Looking Glass (Alastor Mix by Cryogenic Echelon)

03. Cortex Defect - Bliss Of Surrender (remix by At0shima 3rr0r)

04. Dreams Divide - Trashed V1

05. Alter Der Ruine - Hunting in Hums

06. MiXE1 - We've Changed (remix by Draconic Elimination Projects)

07. Hope Estheim - Sleepwalking Societies (remix by Human Error)

08. Defeat - Lie

09. Dirty K - There Is A Hell, I've Saw It

10. Cryogenic Echelon - Fall Of The Reptiles (remix by Grendel)

11. X-Kin - In Vein (Cancerous Beats remix by Draconic Elimination Projects)

12. Droid Sector Decay - Suffering Of The Soul

13. syd.31 - Monsters (Future Pop remix by Mr Bear)

14. Machine Rox - Move Your Body (Stompy Mix)

15. ESA: Electronic Substance Abuse - This Is Not Love (remix by Hezzel)

16. rein[forced] - Embodiment (remix by Draconic Elimination Projects)

17. MiXE1 - Edge

18. Caustic - Pig Eat Bone (remix by Angels On Acid)

19. Biomechanimal - Broken Wings (remix by Tactical Module)

20. IIOIOIOII - Stardust (remix by Ruinizer)

21. Flesh Eating Foundation - Supposed Angels

22. Cease2xist - You've Got Us Now feat. Dreams Divide

23. Seeds of the Upcoming Infection - You Have Become Infected

24. Future Perfect - War of Words

25. Cold Therapy - Lost Your Way (remix by Orbicide)

26. Draconic Elimination Projects feat. MiXE1 - My Secrets (remix by The .invalid)

27. WormZ - Never Stop To Hit (remix by Mind Driller)

28. Kommand+Kontrol - I Live

29. Public Domain Resource - The Club

30. Tactical Module - Forgotten

31. IIOIOIOII - Rising Sky (Acid Rain remix by Tapewyrm)


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