Cyborg Project - The Crowning Of Redemption

The Crowning Of Redemption ist nun das zweite Album von Cyborg Project auf Ruhrschall Recordings. VÖ 29.08.2014

Cyborg Project -The Crowning Of Redemption ist als Free Download MP3 320k/bit cbr verfügbar!

Now it is the second album of Cyborg Project at Ruhrschall Recordings.

Cyborg Project - The Crowning Of Redemption is available for free download as MP3 320k/bit cbr!


Interpret: Cyborg Project

Titel: The Crowning Of Redemption

VÖ: 29.08.2014

Label:Ruhrschall Recordings

Format: Digital

Titelanzahl: 12

Enjoy and have fun!

Download for free!


01 In The Dark Room

02 Hey..It´s The Suicide

03 Voodo Dance

04 The Dream I always Die

05 Aphorism

06 Purgation

07 Frozen Images

08 Nothing Back

09 Remembrance

10 Final Act

11 Suicide Commited

12 Going Down..Again


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